Are you originally from New York?

No, I'm from Boston, MA. Yes where "The Town" is filmed and yes I'm a Patriots fan. I moved to New York almost 7 years ago to attend Pace University.

Where did Redhura come from?

It fully describes myself. Red haired-girl-first name start with A. I actually didn't create it, a friend did years ago as a joke and it stuck.

Why "Voyages de" ?

I studied abroad my Junior year of college in Paris, France for the entire year (including the summer). While abroad I fell in love with the European ease of travel, and the overall lifestyle. As I still know a little bit of french I decided to incorporate the language that made me truly fall in love with traveling.

Why travel?

My mother always asks me "If money didn't matter, what would you want to do?" and I've always replied "Travel." Now I can hopefully turn that dream into a reality.

So what's next?

My goal is to influence others to travel in multiple ways, no matter their income. 

Anneliese Gartner

This is not a typical blog, but rather the start to a community. A community that values creating the life they truly want to live, and not what everyone else wants for them. Not everyone is made to work in the world of corporate, or have a crazy life of an entrepreneur. We’re made to create a life that makes us happy, whatever that may be. If you’re not living the life you want then you have to change it. So what's ymy happiness? Follow me on my journey and join my community so you can start living a life that you truly want and one that will make you happy.


Photos on this page were taken by Pat Rivadeneira.